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 Our Approach to LEED/Sustainability
 We believe that sustainable design concepts should be incorporated into every new building.   Wasteful practices in the design/construct industry can not continue as they have in recent history.  Resources incorporated into buildings should be carefully considered as to their impact upon the planet and the users of the building.
The LEED Building rating system is a tool that allows measurement of the greenness of a building.  Not every building can be "gold" or "platinum," and the Owner and Architect must come to an understanding as to what they are attempting to achieve by establishing sustainability goals for the project.
GrEn A/E Consultants role in the design and construction of LEED/sustainable design projects is to act as a shepherd for the team.  We provide guidance as to what needs to be looked at by the Owner, Architect, Engineers, Contractors, and Suppliers to ensure that the project sustainable goals are achieved.
We are not heavy handed in our approach.  We understand that not every team member will "buy in" to the changes in their practices required to achieve a sustainable project.  It is our hope that by exposure to sustainable design that the team members will come to appreciate the need to be sustainable.