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'Grand Falls' in Northern Arizona only runs a few weeks a year from snow melt.
GrEn A/E Consultants uses and maintains a groundbreaking master specification developed for use in preparing project specifications for Architects designing green building projects.  This master specification is based upon over 10 years of development and actual use on many sustainable design, high-performance and LEEDTM certified building projects.
GrEn-Spec Table of Contents:  as pdf
The sections have been tailored specifically for use on green building projects and for projects that are seeking a LEEDTM Certification from the US Green Building Council.
Sections related to sustainable design included in GrEn-SpecTM include Environmental Procedures, Carpet Reclamation (for remodeling and demolition projects), Acoustical Ceiling Reclamation, Sustainable Design Requirements, Construction Waste Management and Building Commissioning.  All of these sections have been tested and used on actual projects successfullly bid and constructed in Arizona, Nevada and throughout the U.S.
It is important to note that the GrEn-SpecTM Guide Specification System is based upon the 2004 CSI MasterFormat® and SectionFormat®  so as to be compatible with existing master specification systems.  Also, This guide specification system incorporates the USGBC LEEDTM -NC Green Building Rating SystemTM requirements.  The sections are prepared for use with the Microsoft WordTM word processing software commonly used in many architectural and engineering offices.