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Product Forms


LEED-NC v2.2 Products Form:  As Word File


LEED-CS v2 Products Form:  As Word File


LEED-NC 2009 (v3) Products Form:  As Word File


Gathering the data required for a LEED submission can be overwhelming.  In particular, finding the percentage of recycled content, or the location of raw material extraction; on a “standard” manufacturer’s product data sheet can be difficult.  If the completion of the LEED-OnLine templates is done after substantial completion, it may be impossible to get the information required.


It is extremely important to gather the necessary LEED data in a uniform manner at the same time that shop drawings, samples and product data are provided from product suppliers.


GrEnSpecs includes the following paragraph in each technical section of the specifications under the “Submittals” article:


A.        Products Form:  In accordance with Section 01 33 00 [01330], prior to installation in the project, submit a completed products form, Section 00 62 33 [01335], for each product which contributes to the points required for LEED™ Certification.  Information contained on the Products Forms shall be used to complete the information required for the LEED Submission.


The intent of this requirement is to require the providing of the LEED submittal data in a timely fashion so that tracking can occur before and during construction.  In fact, the LEED-OnLine templates could be constantly updated throughout the construction phase to allow the Project Team to monitor progress toward achievement of the various prerequisites and credits.